Trade Ideas!

Have you been eyeing one of my expensive bikes, and haven't found a way to fund it? I can help with that! Below are a few things I am seeking for myself that would be great to offset the cost of my Rene Herse 650b or Cinelli Supercorsa or Nishiki Professional randonneuse!  Of course I can also take trade-ins for any high end road/mtb bikes or parts, but these will be valued at "wholesale" as they're not for me personally

  • Fast all-road or modern randonneuse in 56cm to 58cm, built with ultralight tubing (steel or ti). I'm looking for a bike that "feels" fast. Hoping for 7/4/7 top tube or similar. Fenders a must. Disc a plus. Brifters or maybe bar ends. Campy 9-12s preferred, SRAM okay. No Shimano (okay maybe Di2). Ideally 650b, though 700c may work.  Minimum tire width 35mm w/ fenders.  I'm thinking JP Weigle or another custom steel rando, Speedvagen Rugged Road, Breadwinner B-Road, Firefly all-road, or something stock like a Crust Lightning Bolt (or newer Romanceur with the light tubing)
  • Electric guitar! I have a nice modern metal guitar (Schecter Hellraiser Diamond) for my shred time and am wanting a vintage-sounding guitar to learn the blues on. My aim is something to catch the fat tones of Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, SRV, Tommy Iommi while still sounding great with traditional Delta Blues. I like super low action without getting buzzy, C or D neck profile, low frets. Off the top of my head obviously there's the Gibson Les Paul, Schecter Solo II, Gretsch Broadkaster, PRS something? Something weird like a Reverend Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk? I'm not a fan of the Strat or SG. Open to other ideas. As for aesthetics, i'm not a fan of the standard bright red starburst, or light/medium colored woods. I prefer more bold designs. Think Jimmy Page's Black Beauty LP, gem tones, deep sea colors, loud colors, glittery finishes, generally weird/edgy.  I'm still learning guitar and don't really need a $5k axe.