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Do you ship to Canada? Or Australia? Or Zimbabwe?

YES!  We ship worldwide for all of our products.  


How much does shipping cost?

You can add an item to your cart, click the "estimate shipping and tax" button, enter your country/zipcode, and click the "estimate shipping and tax" button again and it will tell you the shipping cost for everything in your cart.

In general, most orders for small parts (whatever can fit in a USPS padded flat rate envelope) are $7.35 in the US, $19.95 to Canada, and $24.95 to the rest of the world.  Larger orders/parts will be more, use the estimate shipping button.


What are your hours?

We run BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in Portland, Oregon.  Please call or email for an appointment.  You can buy bike goodies on this website 24/7.  


Do you sell/buy kids bikes? Or cruiser bikes? Or Huffy's? Or Schwinn Varsities?

No.  We only deal in high end performance or commuter oriented adult bikes and parts.  In general, we avoid anything below Shimano 105 or Deore level like the plague.  Anything from Walmart should be returned to the store or recycled for scrap metal if you must get rid of it.  We typically don't touch cruisers, balloon tire bikes, choppers, Stingrays, etc (but might if it's something really special). 


Do you buy bikes or parts?

YES! We are interested in buying one cool bike/part, a box full, or an entire shop/warehouse full!  We look for Campagnolo, XT/XTR level, Suntour Superbe/Cyclone/XC Pro, 1990's anodized parts (Kooka, Ringle, Dean, Machine Tech, Paul, etc), and things along those lines.  We will buy complete bikes and frames.  See directly above for what we do NOT buy.

For more information on how to sell your bike goodies to us, see this link.  Got Parts-Sell us your bikes 


Can I view all of your products on one page?

Yes! You can view all of our products on the "Just In" category, which is top-left.  This will show all of our bikes/parts in order from most recently listed, to oldest.  Click Here


What is your return policy?

In general, used bike parts are sold as-is, as they are used!  We are human, and will work with you to provide a replacement, refund, or other fix when possible.  If you want to return something just because you don't want it for some reason, we will not refund original/return shipping but will issue the refund if you haven't used the part.  If it was a clear mistake on our part, we will refund shipping as well.  

For the full refund policy, click here


I got an error at checkout saying "This email address is already in use... What's that about?

This means when you shopped with us previously, you created an account with this email.  Try signing in.  If you don't know your password, you can click the "Forgot your password?" link below the sign in and you can create a new one. 


 Help!  My credit card payment won't go through!

The most common reason for payments to be declined is the billing address or name you entered does not match the name/address on your credit card.  If you think you have this right, here are a few things to check.  Is the zipcode exactly right?  Are there words abbreviated on the address you entered but spelled out on your credit card?  Is the security code and expiration entered correctly?