Sell Old Stock Bike Parts Bike Shop Inventory Liquidation

There are two Got Parts? program options:


  1. Store visit: If your store has an overabundance of outdated items that may be ideal for liquidation, I will arrange a time to visit your store in order to purchase merchandise.


  1. Electronic communication: Forward a spreadsheet listing inventory with which your store may be interested in selling. Historically, it has been identified that this method is ideal for newer parts that may only be a few years old and thus still in an inventory system. I am always willing to have parts shipped to me in Portland, Oregon.  



Contact Us for more details or to set up a viewing. 


Phone: 314-814-0999


Other Dealer Programs:

Customer Trade-In Program:

How many times a week does a customer looking at purchasing a high end bike ask if you accept trade-in's?  If you are like most shops you have to tell them no, and risk them saying they have to sell their bike to fund a new one.  No longer!  When your customer asks about trade in's, you give me a call.  If it's something I am interested in, I will meet with the customer or come to your shop and make them an offer on the bike.  You just made a sale, the customer sold their old bike, and I have more inventory.  It's a win-win-win situation!  I can also buy component groups if a customer is looking to upgrade their old bike to the latest and greatest Dura Ace or XTR.  This works best with shops near Portland, but also is great for part upgrades for shops worldwide.  Just box the parts up and ship them to me.