Sell Your Bike Parts - Ex Racers, Collectors, Riders

We Buy Bike Parts!

If you are an individual or small time Ebay/Craigslist seller, we want your parts as well!  By selling to us, you have the convenience of zero Ebay fees, no time listing the items, and you can get your items turned into cash NOW!  No need to wait a week or two months for the right buyer to see your ad.  We will often give a higher trade in value than for an outright purchase, let us know what you would like to trade for.

How does it work?

  • Email Us  ( a description of the items you wish to sell, as well as pictures.  Include in your email your name, phone number, and your location
  • If you are interested in trading for one of our parts/bikes, let us know what you wish to trade for (links help if they're on the site)
  • If you have a price in mind, tell us and we'll either accept, decline, or make a counter-offer
  • If you are unsure the value of your piece, we will offer you a fair price for it
  • While we will not make an offer on every part/bike presented to us, we WILL respond to you
  • When we come to an agreement on price/terms, we will arrange to meet or for shipping and payment
  • We may pay in cash, business check, paypal, or trades
  • For complete bikes and frames, We require a copy of your drivers license/ID, as well as the serial number

What We Are Interested in:

We are interested in mid to high level bicycle parts, frames, complete bikes, and memorabilia (posters, figurines, commemorative sets, etc).  We focus mainly on road bikes, mountain bikes, and commuters.  Age and condition is not important, as we will buy bikes as new as 2013, and as old as the early 1900's.  


We DO NOT BUY the following:

  • Department store bikes (Walmart/target/Kmart bikes such as Huffy, Pacific, Next, Magna, Motiv, Mongoose, DIamondback, Mt Tek, Vertical, etc)
  • Kids bikes
  • Cruisers
  • Low end Schwinn bikes (Varsity, Traveler, Continental, Racer...) 
  • Women's bikes with a drop top tube frame (unless you know it is a high end bike)
  • BMX bikes (although we do buy collectible old school bmx parts)
  • Recumbents
  • Old 3 speed bikes (unless you know it's a high end bike)



We do NOT tolerate bike theft.  If you attempt to sell us a stolen bike, it will be IMMEDIATELY reported to the police.  We openly share information related to stolen bikes with police and sheriff departments around the country.  I have worked in law enforcement in the past, and can easily identify sketchy deals.  I have helped the police arrest a bike thief in the past, and will not hesitate to do so again.  If you've had your bike stolen, you can register it by clicking the Death to Bike Thieves image below, which will take you to the Stolen Bicycle Registry website.