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Zella Rayne - She/her
Owner and Chief Bicycle Curator
(314) 814-0999 


Bike Recyclery is a WORLDWIDE seller of USED BIKE PARTS.  We sell high end used bikes & parts, from the 1930's to 2000's.  Over 500 rotating products, with new items listed several times a week! Free Shipping over $150 in USA.  You can buy directly on this website, or contact us for local sales BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in Portland, OR.  We do NOT do customer repairs.

Bike Recyclery was founded in 2006 with the goal of fulfilling dreams of vintage bicycle lovers.  What I do is give people access to the collectors/retired mechanics/shop basements/everyday folks with treasure troves in their garages/attics. I'm curating and doing the heavy lifting for them;  tracking that stuff down and cleaning it up. It's mostly top level, rare, or eccentric stuff. A lot of people come to me and are thrilled they can now afford this "unobtainable" thing they only dreamed about when they were kids.  At the same time, I am providing a service to the sources of these bikes and parts, by cleaning out their garages in exchange for cash or more bike gear.


Bike Swaps, Bike Shops, and The Trading Post!

How does Bike Recyclery work? One of our primary modes of operation is traveling around the country and the internet to attend bike swaps to buy and sell!   


Local Bike Shops!  We help bike shops around the country clear out their unsold inventory by buying up old stock from retail shops locally and around the country.  Know of an LBS that has stockpiles of stuff they haven't sold for 20 years? Let us know, maybe we can help them!


Finally, we accept trade's and buy parts locally from individuals.  This is ideal philosophically, as it saves parts from sitting in a cyclist's garage and puts them back into the hands of someone who will ride them until they have met their maker!  It's the "cycling cycle" at it's finest.  If you have some unused parts and would rather have cash, we're your bank of choice.  See details on our parts buying program


We greatly appreciate any information about bike shop closings, auctions/estate sales full of bikes, etc.  This is how we keep providing you cool products!   Contact us if you have parts to sell/trade/donate, or know of some!

 How does this work? Think of it as American Pickers Bicycle Style. I travel around the world gathering up the best bike goods I can get my hands on, and bring them back to the shop where they get cleaned/restored/photographed and listed on I've saved Klein's from hoarder's basements, Paramounts from their 40-year storage on garage hooks, exotics like a Capo with a metal midevil knight seattube badge from attics, and countless 1990's parts sitting in the back room of bike shops. 


High End Parts Only; Suicide Brake Levers and Schwinn Varsity's Need Not Apply What makes Bike Recyclery different? Most vintage shops focus exclusively on one of two niche's; 1) the "classic" era of ultra high value bikes/parts that the likes of Eddy Merckx and Bernard Hinault would have ridden, usually in showroom conditon and sell for several thousand dollars, or 2) "bike boom" era bikes and other low/mid level rides on which you're likely to find suicide brake levers and 27 inch wheels. Bike Recyclery fills that large gap between the two.  Our mission is to help you afford the high dollar bikes and parts you dreamed about owning years ago! Many of our parts are sufficiently modern that they wouldn't look absurd as replacements for the generic XT derailleur on your brand new $6000 carbon ride!  Other parts are historically significant, but catastrophically flawed enough that you wouldn't dare ride them!  You won't have to sift through buckets of Shimano Tourney derailleurs and ching star brake calipers to find the good stuff!  Think about your local bike co-op's locked glass case of nice parts.  Now imagine the building is filled with 100 of those cases.  That's Bike Recyclery.  We specialize in "usable", but rad parts from the 70's to 2000's. This translates to lots high end, but affordable components! Common sights on include XTR M900 / M952 /M960 parts,  XT M730/M735/M739,  90's goodies like Ringle, Grafton, Topline, Curve, Paul,  Campagnolo from the 1970's through 10 speed Record, Suntour Superbe Pro and XC Pro, Dura Ace/600/Ultegra/105 5-speed through 10-speed, Unique & Vintage cable sets,  Brooks saddles, more modern saddles than we know what to do with. 


Your Holy Grail

 If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to ask!  We typically have several boxes to an entire room full of parts we haven't listed on this site yet.  Send us your wish lists, and if we don't have it currently we will search it out for you!  We have deeply rooted sources, and can pull up some obscure parts at times.  



A large number of our parts are used.  Our used bike parts come from many sources, including boxes of parts destined for the dumpster, bikes with broken frames, and bike shop basements.  Our goal is to put these parts back on the trail/road!  After all, the only thing better than recycling is reusing!  All used parts are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and polished.  

The recycling doesn't stop with reusing bike parts!  All of our packing materials are saved from the trash bins of local bike shops or re-used from packages sent to us, as are many of our boxes.  Unusable or broken frames and parts are either donated to a local bike cooperative, or turned into bike art or furniture!  When you buy from Bike Recyclery, you are part of our sustainable team. 




Love, Hate, and Reviews

Have you had an experience with Bike Recyclery that stands out in your mind? Perhaps we sent you a part to complete a build you've been working on for years.  Maybe you're a regular customer and we've sent you all sorts of components over the years.  Or perhaps you hate our guts (bolts?) because we screwed something up.  Either way, we want to hear from you! Reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others are a major part of a brand's reputation these days, and we'd like our future customers to hear what our current customers think about us!  

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Zella Rayne (She/her)
Owner and Chief Bicycle Curator
-Phone: (314) 814-0999      
Here's where we are located. We are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please don't just show up.  If you are around Portland OR, give us an email/call and set an appointment to come dig through our stuff!  There's always a good bit that's not yet on the website that's available at pretty good deals (even better in bulk).